Advertisers and publishers no longer have to search for ads and placements for better returns. While other networks can only offer limited optimization tools, our technology systematically searches for the highest yields for you each and every night.
Our network works seamlessly with other networks, and will automatically find the best performing yields for you using our advertising intelligence system.
Wouldn’t it be great if an ad network would rotate, test and track all of your ads, placements and landing pages … and then crank up the winning combinations when & where they led to more conversions? Well, that’s precisely what SincsysMedia knows how to do … It thinks and optimizes for you the same way over thousands of possible campaign combinations.
Automatic Optimization
Over Multiple Networks
Next-Evolution Ad Targeting
PPC+CPA Ad Campaigns
Automatic A/B SplitTesting
Publisher Earnings Optimizer
SincsysMedia’s unique, hybrid PPC+CPA bidding system can intelligently “level-up” ad campaigns whenever conversion rates increase, according to an advertiser’s preset instructions. To maximize returns, advertisers can enter bids using PPC & CPA bid combinations to test and scale campaigns with limited risk if conversion rates drop.
SincsysMedia will automatically rotate ad creatives and landing/offer pages from your ad campaigns. It then tracks, trends, and scores all the elements of your campaigns based on actual results and then scales up the winning creatives and landing pages … automatically. Say goodbye to costly third-party tracking tools that can’t do the manual work for you.
No longer will publishers have to search for the highest performing ads, or pull ads when advertisers run out of money. Every single night, our intelligent SincsysMedia system will not only find the highest effective CPM yields for their website(s), but will rotate to the next most profitable set of offers when advertisers end their campaigns or go over budget.
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